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Insurance Currently Accepted (updated  5/25/2021): 

Blue Cross Blue Shield: Participating in Preferred ValueCare, BlueOption, Regence MedAdvantage PPO, Federal BCBS.  Focal point, Real Value, Individual and Family Networkare not accepted.  Effective date 9/1/2020

United Healthcare/UMR:  Effective date 9/24/2020

Select Health:  Effective date 9/1/2020.  Participating in all Select Health Plans, including Select Value.  

Cigna:  Effective date 9/1/2020

DMBA:  Effective date 11/1/2020

PEHP:  Effective 9/1/2020 for all PEHP plans

Wise:  Effective 10/1/2020

Medicare:  Traditional plans effective 9/1/2020.  Humana is in process and pays out of network.  Other Medicare secondary plans such as through Select Health and Blue Cross are in network.  For those out of network with secondary, typical out of pocket cost for an office visit is less than $30.

Aetna – Effective date 11/1/2020

EMI – Effective date 10/1/2020

Motiv – This is an HSA plan and does not require us to be directly credentialed.

Medicaid – Effective 9/22/2020.  

University of Utah Health Plans – Effective 1/28/2021

Multiplan – Effective 1/1/2020

Tricare  – Effective 6/30/2020

Molina – Effective 3/1/2021

Plans we have applied to and anticipate contracting in the near future: 

Humana – Out of network benefits apply

AARP  – Unpredictable whether they will pay out of network.  Treat this as cash pay until further notice.

Billing questions should be directed to Central Billing Office – (435) 753-1600  or toll free (800) 482-4325435) 753-1600 (800) 482-4325

Cash pay visits and additional fees for lab work and procedures are due in full at the time of service.

60 minute visit – $125 – Suitable for new patient establishing care, complete adult physical, mental health intake, follow up of more than 3 chronic conditions.

30 minute visit – $75 – Suitable for mental health follow up, follow up of 1-3 chronic conditions, sport physical, concussion management.

15 minute visit – $50 – Suitable for a single focus of complaint, such as refilling 1-2 medications with no changes in dose, simple problems such as urinary tract infection or sore throat.

*Visit cost does not include additional charges for necessary in house laboratory fees, such as strep throat test, hemoglobin A1C, or urinalysis.  Lab work may be ordered through LabCorp at a contracted clinic cash price, cost due in full at the time of visit.